Never Have I Ever Travelled too..

Instead of posting about the places that I have visited, I thought I’d mix it up. Here is a list of places that I’ve never travelled to…

Paris– the city of love, Eiffel Tower and the home of the French. I would love to be able to visit this city and look forward to the day I can.

Peru– I’d love to be able to visit Peru and hike to Macchu Pichu, this is one thing that is on my bucket list and I feel that it should be ticked off very soon!!

Tanzania– an African Safari is something that I a super excited to experience in the future and I have heard that Tanzania is the place to do it!! Amongst enjoying the local culture and everything it has to offer.

Myanmar– this South East Asian country isn’t explored very often at the moment and has only recently opened up too tourism. Visiting this country before the tourism wave hits would be ideal!! 

London– I feel that a lot of my friends are on the European train at the moment and I’m exploring other parts of the world (which I’m loving!!) but I can’t wait to visit and see all the classic tourist spots and see why everyone loves London so very much! 

New York City– where concrete jungles go on for miles. I am super excited to se a play on Broadway,visit Central Park, Statue of Liberty, ride the Ferris wheel at Coney Island and just generally explore this city that has a LOT going on!

Italy– tasting real Italian pizza and pasta is what my dreams are made of! I can already imagine biting into those bites of joy! Of course Italy brings a lot moe to the table than just food but it’s a good place to start!



Recipes from the Road: Rice Paper Rolls

Here is my new collection of recipes that I’ve picked up from my travels.
Rice Paper Rolls

1x packet of rice paper rolls

 200gms of chicken 

1 cooking onion

1 1/2 teaspoons of Garlic or 2 cloves if fresh

2 tablespoons of Honey

2 Carrots


Fresh Mint Leaves

Vermicelli Noodles

1/4 Red Capsicum (optional)


Sweet chilli sauce, Satay sauce and Oyster sauce to serve.
1. Chop chicken into bite sized pieces, slice the onion and crush the garlic if using fresh

2. Heat a frying pan with oil- I like to use coconut oil and place the garlic, onions and salt in the frypan- stir.

3. After 2 minutes add the chicken and cook until done. Stir through the honey and simmer for a further 2 minutes.

4. Julienne the carrots, pineapple and capsicum (optional).

5. Pick the mint leaves off the stems. 

6. Place the sauces and all ingredients in bowls.

7. To serve soak the rice paper rolls, add fillings and roll like a spring roll. Dip in preferred sauce choice and enjoy! 
Tip: 1 mint leaf per roll broken up should be the perfect amount!

Tripping to Vermont

Vermont is a great place to spend a few days. I was lucky enough to visit Burlington and see these attractions! 

 The Vermont Teddy Bear Factory was a very cool place to visit. They originally started up as the owner researched and found that no toys were being produced by America so he decided to start making teddy bears. 
The factory it self is very cool to do a tour through and very informative, it is very attractive to kids and adults.


 The Bears themselves seem very well made and have a lifetime guarantee and can be sent to the teddy hospital if anything is wrong with them. The factory has definitely fulfilled on all the little details you could think of.

My next stop was the Aquarium at Burlington Harbour. It was very informative about the river and animal life. One of my favourite displays was a topographic one that you could move this sand around a box- turn a switch and the camera would assess where the levels were and display a map like image across the sand including water levels and everything. I was fascinated for longer than I should have been. 

My afternoon was spent taking a relaxing river cruise on Burlington River. Very scenic and serene.
I went to the city centre to grab some food and took some time to wander around the shops. There was definitely a lot there and I was spoilt for choice with my dinner options! I ended up just grabbing a salad but regretting my choice when I saw all the delicious ravioli being brought out either side of me.     

 The next day was spent at Ben and Jerry’s Factory of course. It was very cool to go through there and learn about their story. I taste tested the Caramel Blondie and it was amazing!! I learnt that Half Baked is the most popular flavour in the USA. I just wanted to try all the flavours. Very interesting how this super popular ice cream came about and to peek inside their factory! 

One of my favourite things about the factory was seeing the flavour graveyard! Super cute!! I wish they still made some of these flavours they sound absolutely amazing!! 


Trying durian. It’s fruit but like chicken?

For anyone who has ever been to Asia you probably know about the fantastic dessert that divides people. I had experienced a debate that lasted an hour over this fruit, want to know why? 

It is for those who are game, like really game. Durian has a really distinct smell, it’s one of its kind and I cannot understand who first discovered it why they would eat it. 
Let’s start on the shape. It looks life your average melon covered in bumps, nothing unusual there.
Next we get to the smell. This is the worst bit and what prevents people from eating it…. It stinks and when I say stinks it reeks of pure filth. It smells like fuel crossed with feet that have not been washed in over a week. Euck! Are you out off yet?
Thirdly we’re going to talk about the texture. So if you can brave it this far you’re almost at the stage where you can enjoy it. But there’s one more thing that’s strange about this fruit and that’s the texture. As you bite into it not only may the piece look a little bit like a chicken breast but the texture is also extremely similar. 
If you can manage with all of that then you will be finally able to enjoy this delicious piece of fruit! Are you game? If not it also comes in ice cream if you can’t quite stomach it in the natural form!

My first 4th of July Celebrations!

I celebrated alongside America their Independence Day on the 4th of July. I was with my fantastic camp that I am lucky enough to be working at to share the day with them! A large number of counsellors and campers took part in a 4on4 race which was a 4 mile run on the 4th. As Rebel Wilson’s character in Pitch Perfect once said “Don’t put me down for cardio”. You can guess that I unfortunately didn’t participate in this one…

I did go and watch the parade in town, being a small town the parade was about 5 floats but it was full of community spirit and lots of candy. Seriously America your love for sugar is real! It was a very cute parade and all our junior campers went participated.

For the rest of the day the activities were laid on big at camp- jumping castles, water slides, obstacle courses, face painting, music and all you can eat ice cream!! The highlight definitely was after dinner when we all went down to one of the ovals at camp and watched fireworks. I absolutely love watching fireworks so being able to sit with my cabin and enjoy the show was definitely my highlight! 
Happy Fourth of July America!

Travel photos you must take (and experience)!

1. Sunrise at Angkor Wat. This is an incredible site!
2. Snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef! Swimming amongst the fish and sharks with that stylish snorkel on is a picture you will want to have!

3. The Eiffel Tower- need I say more?

4. Safari pic in Africa (giraffe, rhino, elephant-bonus points). I can’t wait until I have the chance to capture these wonderful creatures on my camera.

5. On top of Macchu Picchu- what an incredible experience that would be!

6. Hanging off a tourist red bus in London! Or just having a great time taking in all the sites!

7. A busy street market (think India or Vietnam). Don’t forget to sample all the street food!! 

8. Extreme sport picture- think sky diving, bungee jumping, paragliding, you get the idea!
9. New York City Skyline! Those breath taking views are only a couple of months away from me! 

And my favourite…

10. The street Picture- whether it’s the photographic Greek streets, cobblestone pavements to dirt roads. This is a great insight to what the local city looks like.


How to use a squat toilet like a pro.

If you’ve travelled in Asia at some point or not you probably would have came across and maybe had to use a squat toilet.

It’s not really a subject that is normally talked about at length or something that I really thought about, until I had no option but to use it. You may be cringing at this post but I feel that it is an important one for travellers especially female to have a basic understanding of what to expect. 
My first experience with this um.. lovely toilet was in 2012 in Cambodia. For some reason I hadn’t thought of the possibility of using one (in Cambodia) and I’m not sure why it hadn’t crossed my mind. I was 17 and volunteering at an orphanage when I first used one of these. I was with 6 other girls all of similar age and we were all a little (okay a lot!!) worried of how we were going to conquer this experience without it ending with us falling in the toilet bowl or worse.

Here are my tips for hopefully a drama free experience and what to expect.

– The floor may be wet.

In Asia they quite often use a hose instead of toilet paper as their sewerage systems aren’t the same as western societies. So don’t think it’s dirty because the floor’s wet. 

-Take toilet paper in with you.

There may not be any or there could be some outside of the cubicle to collect (or pay for) on your way in.

-Avoid wearing Fishermans pants, long loose pants or clothing that may be an issue- if you can plan ahead.

-Try to squat on flat feet as you will have better balance than on the balls of your feet.

-Put your paper in the bin and not the toilet. 

-There will often be a bucket or trough of water behind the basin to use to ‘flush’ the toilet.

Be confident and just do it! 
My first experience was nowhere near as scary as I thought it was going to be. It’s something that you will get the hang of after a few times and soon won’t be freaking or over the fact that there’s no western toilets near by.

I often find that people will wait in line for ages for a western toilet when there is no line for the squat toilet (abroad) and it is quite often in a cleaner state. So get confident and comfortable with using the squat toilet to save you time and sometimes your gag reflexes, when you need to go!