USA Itinerary

So I have recently returned from spending 3 months in the United States. Of my time abroad I spent 1 month travelling while the other 2 months were spent at working at a Summer Camp in Maine.

I have put together the following itinerary of my time abroad. I did not plan this out in advance at all and simply just booked it as I went. Which I totally do NOT recommend as the USofA is incredibly expensive to book things last minute. Bus tickets go from being $20 to $80 for example if you don’t book ahead! But if you’re like me who isn’t really one for planning ahead that means you can be open to awesome ‘last minute deals’!

So here is my itinerary. (See below for a shortened version)

Day 1-5: Boston
Day 6-11: New York City
Day 12-15: Atlantic City
Day 16-18: Philadelphia
Day 19-23: Washington DC
Day 24-26: Nashville
Day 27-31: Chicago
Day 32-35: New York
Day 36: Fly Home 😦

I felt I had a good length of time in all places except Philly where I could’ve spent another day there just for the atmosphere. It had such a good vibe going on in the area I was staying at. If you do head to Nashville make sure you’re there for a Friday or Saturday night to check out the best of the nightlife!

If you’re looking at making this itinerary shorter I would recommend skipping Atlantic City unless you’re really going there to party hard. I would give Nashville a miss and do it on a later trip as it is quite out of the way to get to. See below for my revised itinerary.

Day 1-3: Boston
Day 4-10: New York City
Day 11-13: Philadelphia
Day 14-17: Washington DC
Day 18-21: Chicago

I wouldn’t try to cram in any more destinations as you won’t have enough time to experience each place and will end up just rushing through.


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