Travelling internationally: what to expect.

Okay so it’s your first time abroad and you’ve never travelled through those international doors here is what to expect.

My first tip is to get to the airport with enough time so you don’t feel rushed. I generally aim to be at the airport 2-3 hours before check in so I have enough time to be relaxed, find my check in desk and deal with any last minute thins that I should have done earlier. Checking in for an international flight can also take a longer process than domestic- the lines can be long so be prepared to have patience. People will push in. I’ve often had to wait 40 minutes on average to just check in. 

Once you have checked in you will be given a departures card that you need to fill out before you proceed through to the gate lounge. It contains details such as your name, passport number, flight number, where you will spend the most time abroad, how long you will be away and the purpose of your trip. When this is filled out your next step is going through security and customs. You are unable to take water bottles through security as well as the normal restrictions.

After security you’ll need to go through customs which is when you hand in your departure card and the customs officer will ask you a few questions. 

Once that is all done you should be on your way! Find your gate, buy some real food before that long flight, sit back and relax while waiting for your flight to be called.


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