How I save money to travel

All these are suggestions on how to save money for travel. Simple ways to adjust the way you live to put that extra dollar away for travel. These costings are relevant to what I would be paying living in Australia and may vary to your individual location. Here’s some of the ways I save money and you can too!!

Ditch the coffee: it’s pretty widespread news but making your daily instead of buying it is such a great way to save your money for travel. Is that $5 coffee really worth it? 

This also applies to those ‘must-have’ smoothies, bubble tea drinks etc. Savings of $1500+ per year!!
Park and walk to work: if you can park your car and walk to work you can save heaps on costs. It saved me $20 a week! 

Savings $900+ per year!
Pack your lunch. Do you buy your lunch or take a packed lunch to work. It is so much cheaper to pack a lunch, get up an extra 5 minutes earlier to save you the extra cash or cook a little extra when you’re making dinner. Leftovers, chicken salad, Turkey wraps, fruit salad and yoghurt those delicious lunch option are endless. Don’t spend $7 + a day on a sandwich or other food choices when you could be saving it!!

Savings of $1500+ – return flights anyone? 
Eat in with friends: instead of going out for meals with friends why not cook them a meal all pitch in $5 and cook yourself the best pizza going round! Savings $20 each night! 
Do you really need another pair of jeans? Save your money and wear the clothes you have or purchase clothes from a thrift shop. Retro is in! Alternatively sell the clothes that you don’t need or want or hold a clothes swap with your friends! 

Savings of $400+ per year.
Stop buying water! Invest in a water bottle that you can use to refill and do that! Why waste money on purchasing something you can have for free! We all know that paying $3.70 for water is ridiculous so don’t do it! But that long life water bottle today and start saving your money now! 

Savings $1000+ per year! 
No more alcohol: yes this may seem harsh but when people spend money on alcohol they’ll approximately spend $70 per night and if you go out once a month or more that can be pretty costly if you’re seriously about that adventure abroad! 
Chocolate! *gasp* yes I said it…. Chocolate does add up if you’re purchasing that cake of chocolate or bag of pods a week. Where would you prefer to be spending that $5 on chocolate or on that greatly desired trip? Savings of over $200+ per year!! 

There’s some ideas to save $5000+ per year! 


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