The 5 Travel gadgets that you really do need!

There are a lot of nifty gadgets designed to help travellers travel easier. Here is my opinion on the ones that have actually made my adventures easy and worth that investment!
1. Packing cells– you can purchase these in multiple sizes depending on your needs and are usually 3 for $25-30ish dollars or about $15 each. Super useful when trying to squeeze all the room you can out of your backpack.

2. Travel towel. A towel that can fit into your hand and dries in 15 minutes- what more can you want? When travelling I always take a microfibre towel with me, I don’t have the space for a normal towel to fit nor the time to wait for it to dry so I always carry one. 

3. Power bank. It’s the absolute worst when you’re out and about, enjoying your day and you have the perfect shot with no battery left in your camera. Invest in one of here and you won’t look back- just don’t forget to keep it charged!

4. Waterproof and shockproof phone case! We all take our phones and electronic devices to the extreme whilst travelling so take the extra precaution with your devices. A lot of people use their phones these days as their only camera so why be limited with it. 

5. Power adapter– you may not be able to charge your devices abroad with your regular power cords from home. Look into in to make sure you have the correct power adapter for the countries you’ll be traveling to! Bonus points for bringing a power board from home so you can charge all your electronics at once! 


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