Never Have I Ever Travelled too..

Instead of posting about the places that I have visited, I thought I’d mix it up. Here is a list of places that I’ve never travelled to…

Paris– the city of love, Eiffel Tower and the home of the French. I would love to be able to visit this city and look forward to the day I can.

Peru– I’d love to be able to visit Peru and hike to Macchu Pichu, this is one thing that is on my bucket list and I feel that it should be ticked off very soon!!

Tanzania– an African Safari is something that I a super excited to experience in the future and I have heard that Tanzania is the place to do it!! Amongst enjoying the local culture and everything it has to offer.

Myanmar– this South East Asian country isn’t explored very often at the moment and has only recently opened up too tourism. Visiting this country before the tourism wave hits would be ideal!! 

London– I feel that a lot of my friends are on the European train at the moment and I’m exploring other parts of the world (which I’m loving!!) but I can’t wait to visit and see all the classic tourist spots and see why everyone loves London so very much! 

New York City– where concrete jungles go on for miles. I am super excited to se a play on Broadway,visit Central Park, Statue of Liberty, ride the Ferris wheel at Coney Island and just generally explore this city that has a LOT going on!

Italy– tasting real Italian pizza and pasta is what my dreams are made of! I can already imagine biting into those bites of joy! Of course Italy brings a lot moe to the table than just food but it’s a good place to start!



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