Tripping to Vermont

Vermont is a great place to spend a few days. I was lucky enough to visit Burlington and see these attractions! 

 The Vermont Teddy Bear Factory was a very cool place to visit. They originally started up as the owner researched and found that no toys were being produced by America so he decided to start making teddy bears. 
The factory it self is very cool to do a tour through and very informative, it is very attractive to kids and adults.


 The Bears themselves seem very well made and have a lifetime guarantee and can be sent to the teddy hospital if anything is wrong with them. The factory has definitely fulfilled on all the little details you could think of.

My next stop was the Aquarium at Burlington Harbour. It was very informative about the river and animal life. One of my favourite displays was a topographic one that you could move this sand around a box- turn a switch and the camera would assess where the levels were and display a map like image across the sand including water levels and everything. I was fascinated for longer than I should have been. 

My afternoon was spent taking a relaxing river cruise on Burlington River. Very scenic and serene.
I went to the city centre to grab some food and took some time to wander around the shops. There was definitely a lot there and I was spoilt for choice with my dinner options! I ended up just grabbing a salad but regretting my choice when I saw all the delicious ravioli being brought out either side of me.     

 The next day was spent at Ben and Jerry’s Factory of course. It was very cool to go through there and learn about their story. I taste tested the Caramel Blondie and it was amazing!! I learnt that Half Baked is the most popular flavour in the USA. I just wanted to try all the flavours. Very interesting how this super popular ice cream came about and to peek inside their factory! 

One of my favourite things about the factory was seeing the flavour graveyard! Super cute!! I wish they still made some of these flavours they sound absolutely amazing!! 



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