Trying durian. It’s fruit but like chicken?

For anyone who has ever been to Asia you probably know about the fantastic dessert that divides people. I had experienced a debate that lasted an hour over this fruit, want to know why? 

It is for those who are game, like really game. Durian has a really distinct smell, it’s one of its kind and I cannot understand who first discovered it why they would eat it. 
Let’s start on the shape. It looks life your average melon covered in bumps, nothing unusual there.
Next we get to the smell. This is the worst bit and what prevents people from eating it…. It stinks and when I say stinks it reeks of pure filth. It smells like fuel crossed with feet that have not been washed in over a week. Euck! Are you out off yet?
Thirdly we’re going to talk about the texture. So if you can brave it this far you’re almost at the stage where you can enjoy it. But there’s one more thing that’s strange about this fruit and that’s the texture. As you bite into it not only may the piece look a little bit like a chicken breast but the texture is also extremely similar. 
If you can manage with all of that then you will be finally able to enjoy this delicious piece of fruit! Are you game? If not it also comes in ice cream if you can’t quite stomach it in the natural form!


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