My first 4th of July Celebrations!

I celebrated alongside America their Independence Day on the 4th of July. I was with my fantastic camp that I am lucky enough to be working at to share the day with them! A large number of counsellors and campers took part in a 4on4 race which was a 4 mile run on the 4th. As Rebel Wilson’s character in Pitch Perfect once said “Don’t put me down for cardio”. You can guess that I unfortunately didn’t participate in this one…

I did go and watch the parade in town, being a small town the parade was about 5 floats but it was full of community spirit and lots of candy. Seriously America your love for sugar is real! It was a very cute parade and all our junior campers went participated.

For the rest of the day the activities were laid on big at camp- jumping castles, water slides, obstacle courses, face painting, music and all you can eat ice cream!! The highlight definitely was after dinner when we all went down to one of the ovals at camp and watched fireworks. I absolutely love watching fireworks so being able to sit with my cabin and enjoy the show was definitely my highlight! 
Happy Fourth of July America!


2 thoughts on “My first 4th of July Celebrations!

  1. Hi Nat wow how are you going to cope with the boredom of home
    Very slow here in comparison very cold too miss you love Nan and Daz xx


    • It’s definitely nice to be enjoying the sun on this side of the world! Hope it not too cold!! I’ll probably spend my free time planning my next trip!! Xx


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