How to use a squat toilet like a pro.

If you’ve travelled in Asia at some point or not you probably would have came across and maybe had to use a squat toilet.

It’s not really a subject that is normally talked about at length or something that I really thought about, until I had no option but to use it. You may be cringing at this post but I feel that it is an important one for travellers especially female to have a basic understanding of what to expect. 
My first experience with this um.. lovely toilet was in 2012 in Cambodia. For some reason I hadn’t thought of the possibility of using one (in Cambodia) and I’m not sure why it hadn’t crossed my mind. I was 17 and volunteering at an orphanage when I first used one of these. I was with 6 other girls all of similar age and we were all a little (okay a lot!!) worried of how we were going to conquer this experience without it ending with us falling in the toilet bowl or worse.

Here are my tips for hopefully a drama free experience and what to expect.

– The floor may be wet.

In Asia they quite often use a hose instead of toilet paper as their sewerage systems aren’t the same as western societies. So don’t think it’s dirty because the floor’s wet. 

-Take toilet paper in with you.

There may not be any or there could be some outside of the cubicle to collect (or pay for) on your way in.

-Avoid wearing Fishermans pants, long loose pants or clothing that may be an issue- if you can plan ahead.

-Try to squat on flat feet as you will have better balance than on the balls of your feet.

-Put your paper in the bin and not the toilet. 

-There will often be a bucket or trough of water behind the basin to use to ‘flush’ the toilet.

Be confident and just do it! 
My first experience was nowhere near as scary as I thought it was going to be. It’s something that you will get the hang of after a few times and soon won’t be freaking or over the fact that there’s no western toilets near by.

I often find that people will wait in line for ages for a western toilet when there is no line for the squat toilet (abroad) and it is quite often in a cleaner state. So get confident and comfortable with using the squat toilet to save you time and sometimes your gag reflexes, when you need to go!


7 thoughts on “How to use a squat toilet like a pro.

  1. I love squat toilets. I love how you don’t have to touch anything. No toilet paper barriers to put on the seat. No lids to have to lift up. Much better. Managing your pants and skirts is definitely a skill though. No better teacher than experience I guess 🙂


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