American food you really must try!

I have compiled a list of my absolute favourite food that you must try when visiting America! 

1. Peanut Butter m&m’s!!! Without a doubt my absolute favourite thing I have ever eaten in the States. I am super jealous that America has these and Australia does not.
2. PB&J! Yes, another peanut butter based food has made my top two but how can this iconic sandwich combo not. Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches rock! 
3. Sour Patch Kids- sour watermelon. Best tasting candy ever! They are little watermelon shaped chewy jelly candy that tastes like watermelon- need I say more?
4. Fudgesicle- this is a dessert. It’s a mix between an ice cream and piece of fudge. It’s literally just like an ice cream on a stick but with a fudge like texture. It’s not amazing but it’s not bad. Definitely something to try!
5. Jolly Ranchers- very popular hard candy in America. The blue-raspberry flavour is the best!
6. Dippin Dots! Ice cream in form of tiny pieces of deliciousness. Whatever the science is behind this- thank you for creating this cool little treat! 
7. Hot Pretzels- Man these are dangerous. The last time I had these was my very last day in America on my precious trip. Let’s just say that I’m thankful I didn’t come across these earlier in my trip….
8. Cinnabuns. These are served at breakfast and are delicious cinnamon scrolls! Super addicting! 
9. Pop-Tarts- very obvious reasons. Pop this treat in the microwave and your good to go! 
10. Smores! Melted chocolate and marshmallow between a graham cracker- how can you go wrong! Perfect addition to a campfire! 
What American food are you dying to try? 


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