Thailand 10 Day Itinerary

Thailand is often one of the first destinations for Aussie travellers that go overseas. It is a country that has a lot to offer and numerous different experiences. 

Here is a suggested 10 day itinerary for anyone wanting to visit Thailand and experience many different aspects to what it has on offer in a short amount of time. 

Day 1: fly into Bangkok, explore the streets around you and find some good food!

Day 2: Visit the Chatuchak Weekend markets for a day filled with good food and great buys.

Day 3: Today check out Wat Pho, Wat Aran and The Grand Palace and don’t forget to visit a floating village in the afternoon!

Day 4: If your game check out Khao San Road and ChinaTown before hitting up a Massage Place. Catch the Night Train to Chang Mai.

Day 5: Arrive in Chang Mai and make your way to Doi Sukrethop, check out the Night Bazaar for some great eats and entertainment.

Day 6: For the adventurous go Ziplining! And if it’s your thing check out a Muay Thai match.

Day 7: Start the day off by wandering around the markets and checking out some of the temples throughout the city, have lunch at a local restaurant and head off to a cooking class after lunch. This will usually end around 9ish, if you’re up for it head back to the Night Bazaar for some live music.

Day 8: If you haven’t yet treated yourself to a Thai Massage go and get one! Have a relaxing morning before taking an afternoon flight to Phuket. Arrive at your hotel and go grab some food and consider booking a Phi Phi Island cruise.

Day 9: Phi Phi Island Cruise. Find a great restaurant to eat dinner at and explore the markets or check out a performance.

Day 10: Check out the local shops, have a swim at the beach and consider booking a city tour. Fly out on a night flight.

Thailand is only a short flight away from Australia and deals can often be found with return flights costing $700ish. No visa is required and English is very widely spoken. As a whole it is a destination that provides a lot of option for those travelling solo, with family, groups, backpacking and more! 



 It is relatively easy to travel around and not always necessary to have everything booked in advance. Food and accommodation is extremely affordable, there are scams to be aware of but it is a great destination that I am looking forward to getting back to and travelling in depth. 


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