How I Managed to Score a Flight Upgrade.

Travelling to the United States I chose to travel with United Airlines. They had the best flight options and with minimal layover time for the best price, so I was sold! They don’t always have the best rap as an airline but I had nothing but an amazing time as far as flying goes.

My flight was fully booked and I was preparing myself for a very long, noisy, sleepless and uncomfortable flight.. Surprisingly my 15 hour flight was completely the opposite. I somehow managed to score a free upgrade and no idea how. The normal tips and tricks for scoring an upgrade tend to contain the following:

  • Be a loyalty club member
  • Be polite
  • Dress nicely
  • Frequent flyer
  • Ask
  • Travel at quiet times or off season 
  • Get there early
  • Don’t select your seat

I am not a member to their loyalty club, I have only flown with United once before, I was dressed for comfort-not for style and definitely didn’t qualify to meet any other ‘tricks of the trade’ for an upgrade. 

I was simply lucky. Having said that I didn’t get bumped up to Business but Premium Economy, but no complaints here. I didn’t even realise I had managed to score an upgraded seat for nothing until I sat down on the plane and noticed that I had more room than expected. The two main things that may have helped in getting a seat upgrade was that I was polite and that I hadn’t chosen my seat. 

My experience with United Airlines was great- The staff were super friendly, the entertainment selection was extensive and full of recent releases, the food was probably about as good as airplane food gets (even served ice cream) and I surprisingly enjoyed my 15 and 6 hour flights -even if I did only manage to get 4 hours sleep.
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