The perfect first day in Boston.

Today started off with no expectations. It was my first day in Boston and my official first day as a solo traveller. I didn’t want to have any expectations that I felt I had to live up to, so I didn’t set any.  I decided to spend the day walking the Freedom Trail. 

The Freedom Trail is 2.5 miles long (4km) and showcases some important aspects of American History such as: Massachusetts State House, Site of Boston Massacre, Faneuil Hall and more. I started the day off with having no knowledge of American History, so to begin with the Granary Burying Ground brought up names that I had heard of but didn’t know anything about. As the day progressed I slowly got an understanding of America’s history and why the names were so significant.

I walked to the Bunker Hill Monument and was looking forward to climbing up to see the view over Boston, but unfortunately it was closed. It is meant to have the most amazing views over Boston!


I loved walking around Charlestown and looking at the houses and the streets as it is completely to different to architecture back home. Even the Fire Station was fascinating to look at! 



Walking back to my accommodation I was running out of energy, my feet were sore, I was thirsty,  I was lost and I really wanted to find my bearings… just when I was at my ‘argh’ moment, some fireworks went off. This was really cool and gave me the boost that I needed and changed my mindset to enjoy the rest of my afternoon! Thanks Boston! 


The highlight of my day oddly enough was just wandering through the streets. I really enjoyed my first day in Boston and travelling solo for the first time, it was a great start to my adventure! 


5 thoughts on “The perfect first day in Boston.

    • It really is incredible!! You should see the photos from my camera instead of my phone!! It’s insane how amazing it is!! Xx


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