Getting Through that Long-Haul Flight

As I’m about to board my second flight to get to my destination in the states, I have gone over my necessities of what I take on-board long flights and compiled this list below…

1. Travel pillow- any flight over 5 hours this is a must. I’m really excited to try a memory foam one, the one I have at the moment has waaaaayyyyyy too many beans in it to be considered a ‘pillow’.

2. Headphones! I normally take headphones and earphones. My ears get sore with earphones after a certain amount of time but easier to fall asleep in. Headphones are great as they are noise cancelling and put less pressure on the ear.

3. Snacks. Where’s that  air hostess when your actually hungry! For some reason all the flights that I’ve been catching lately are either late at night (1am flights to Asia I’m talking to you) or relatively early in the morning when you’ve just eaten. And they bring food round to you 40 minutes in and then again just before you land. I think it’s the fact that I can’t walk to my fridge that makes me super hungry so I always take food. M&ms always make it into my bag as well as a super filling muesli bar. Not the healthiest but I do what I can to get through flights.

4. Moisturiser. Moisturiser. Moisturiser. Having extremely dry skin that needs humidity even before I get on the plane does not equal for a very pleasant experience. I moisturise as much and as often as I can on the plane so my skin stays as hydrated as it can. 

5. Hand sanitizer. Planes are full or germs. I repeat. Planes are full of germs. From that seat pocket in front of you to the tv remote, the seat belt and the bathroom. Plane turn around times are not that long so they aren’t often cleaned that thorough. Before I go to the bathroom, after I go to the bathroom, before I eat, put on my moisturiser etc.I sanitise. When I’m on holiday I don’t have time to get sick from the passenger next to me.

6. Music! Although it may not be ultra important if your flight has complimentary entertainment, if not I bring a device that plays music to pass the time away. Thanks Angus and Julia Stone for your album for getting me through my last flight!

7. Sleeping mask! So so so important! You never know how good they are until you wear one on a plane! It helped me soooo much on my last 2 long haul flights! So do yourself a favour and get one!

8. Passport! If you’ve made it on the plane you will have your passport. If anyone’s reading this to help them plan, pack your passport in your carry on! Or you will not be travelling very far! Don’t make the rookie mistake!

9. Layers. It can get very hot and it can be very cold on planes. Dress so you can be very versatile. I personally get very hot on planes while everyone else I know is frozen. Choose your clothing wisely and make sure it’s comfy. Pack your jeans in you check in and rock those trackies! If you add some uggs everyone will know what country your from!

10. Empty water bottle. For those that like to drink heaps so you don’t get dehydrated on the flight, if you ask nicely the air hostess will fill your drink bottle up with water (also prevents you from asking every 30 mins for water). Keeping your fluid intake up will also help minimise the effects of jet lag! 


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