Must try in Vietnam

When we travel we want to create unforgettable memories, whether it’s really enjoyable at the time or a great story to tell after we all love to tell people about our adventures. So here are some experiences to add to your next trip to Vietnam.

Have a meal at Cong Caphe- this cute little cafe has the best atmosphere and interesting decorating style, it’s a must visit! Highly recommend to try the Coconut Coffee!!

BaleWell at Hoi An. This crazy little place has a $5 cover charge and then the food is layer on. The excitable owner will come and make the delicious spring rolls right in front of your eyes and if you’re um lucky, actually feed you! A very memorable and extremely delicious experience. 

 Overnight train from Hanoi to Hoi An- jump on board this train ride of crazy for an unforgettable experience. I definitely recommend a soft sleeper. Everyone piles onboard and for those shorties out there (me) be warned you may have to jump I to get on the train. This is something you won’t forget, for good or bad I’ll let you decide. 

 The tranquility of Hoan Kiem Lake. This lake is so peaceful walking around it, it really is something that you can’t miss when visiting Hanoi, add an ice cream and you have the perfect afternoon. If local students come up to you stop and have a chat to them.

Fannys Ice Cream. For westerners one of the most ridiculously named places for food but amazing. The shops are located in Hanoi and HCMC but you can find a few flavours located as specialised restaurants throughout Vietnam. Can’t decide between all those amazing looking stacks, try a tasting platter and try 14 different flavours. My two favourites are Avocado and Pineapple! 

 Eat a Betel Nut Leaf. The history of the Betel Nut Leaf dates way back in Vietnamese history and many tribes chew it for believed health reasons and to have black teeth which was highly valued. If your up for an experience chew on this leaf for a while to experience the effects of it.

Hoi An: the lantern town. This beautiful town comes to life at night as it is transformed into a walking town and lit up with gorgeous lanterns. But be warned they are very very serious about it being walking only and you bicycle may be confiscated off you. 

 Sunset on Halong Bay. This magical bay filled with limestone islands is very popular for a reason. With so many cruises out it’s still great that everyone can find their own spot so it doesn’t feel super crowded. 


Meatfloss! Definitely one if the weirder foods that I have tried. It is like fairy floss but meat flavour, I tried it twice to try and determine if I liked it or not. I ordered it from Xoi Yen (across the road from Cong Caphe). Try it if you’re game or up for something different! 


No matter what you do in Vietnam, you’ll have a fantastic time. It is one of my favourite destinations that I’ve visited so far. 


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