My travel must haves!

Okay so there’s tonnes of these lists out there and they’re all the same but I spend hours reading these and thought you might like an insight on what I really can’t go with out!!

1. Slip silk pillowcase– I have extremely sensitive skin and I find that by sleeping on silk pillowcases and not cotton does wonders for my skin! It really helps keep my eczema manageable!! So I take it everywhere I go.

2. Morrocan hair oil– I know, I know quite superficial of me. But my hair suffers badly from the sun and by using this amazing product it keeps my hair manageable whilst travelling.

3. Thongs! (Flip flops for you non Aussies) They are definitely a must have from being the perfect shoes for the beach, to wearing them in the questionable showers, being able to slip them on and off at any time and being so damn comfortable! I love Havianas and you can do no wrong with a black pair! They go with everything! Trust me I’ve tried…

4. Head torch. May not be the first thing everyone thinks of but for me it’s one of the first things I grab. You never know when your going to need it to sort through your bag in the middle of the night at your hostel, use it for a torch in situations, great for when trying to read and your accommodation has really bad lighting! 

5. Travel journal. I loved keeping track of what I’ve done during the day and sticking in all my receipts and tickets. It’s one of my favourite souvenirs that I get from my trip. Invest a little time and it’ll look awesome. I’m always reading through my old travel journals and have long forgotten about the other ‘must-buy’ overpriced souvenirs.

6. Camera. This is something that I believe it is worth investing not only money but time into figuring out how to use all the different settings to capture that perfect sunset in its beauty and snapping those awesome pics! A lot of people these days are using their phones as their main camera which can be great for Instagram but if you’re one of those old school people who like high def quality maybe look into investing in a good camera. I use a light weight travel camera.

7. Bathers! Any destination that I’m headed to I always grab my bathers. I love spending time in the water whether in be the surf or the pool and always find any excuse to jump back in to cool off and have some fun! 

8. Hydralyte or electrolytes of some sort. It’s great when we’re out and about having fun and super easy to forget to keep up with our daily water intake. And when it catches up with you, that is not how you want to spending your time away. I always take a tube of electrolytes so when I’m feeling a bit dehydrated I’m prepared and don’t have to miss out on the days adventures.

9. Sunnies!!! Sunglasses are definitely a must and a hat. Protection from the sun is super important and people often forget about their eyes. Here is another really important thing to invest your money in. Don’t just buy the cheap pair that has no protection from your eyes, your eyes can be permanently damaged from the suns rays! I personally wear Ray-bans in the wayfarer style and love them! You can get them in prescription lenses too!!

10. A great attitude! Sounds kinda corny but super important to go with a ‘I’m going to have a great time’ attitude. Be prepared to go with the flow and work with things that don’t necessarily go to plan. My best days are often my spontaneous adventures or the ones that don’t quite go to plan! So travel hard and look on the bright side of life! Your travelling whiles everyone else is stuck at work! Go you!

These are my must have travel items that I never leave home without. Let me know what’s on your list!! 


2 thoughts on “My travel must haves!

    • Thanks! Silk pillow cases are amazing and a life changer! My skin cleared up in 2 days! I didn’t realise how much it would make a difference!

      The head torch is definitely a must pack. I always grab for it and probably don’t realise how handy it actually is!

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