Important Things to do Before Travelling Abroad

Often we get caught up with the aspects of travelling abroad and forget about some of the most important things to do before we go. Here I have compiled a list of things to remember to do so you don’t get caught out at the wrong moment. Have anything that you think should be on here? Let me know below!

  1. If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel. Someone once told me this and now I couldn’t agree with them more. Having great travel insurance is something that should be everyone’s priority. Things do go wrong, bags get lost, people get sick, flights are cancelled and things to go missing. You want to make sure you are covered for when things don’t quite go to plan.
  2. You will need money. Okay quite obvious but more often than not people overlook the fact that they will need access to money abroad and don’t look into travel cards or other options before they leave their home country and end up having to pay hefty international transaction fees to access their cash. And remember to notify your bank of your travel plans so they don’t freeze your account.
  3. Register your travel plans on SmartTraveller if your Australian, this is to ensure that if anything does happen and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade needs to contact your or your family, your plans have been registered. Also don’t forget to check out the destination your travelling to on the site for the latest travel advice.
  4. Look into whether the destination you’re travelling to requires a Visa or if you can just get a Visa on Arrival.
  5. Scan and email all important documents to yourself so you can always access an electronic copy this includes your passport, itinerary, insurance details, emergency contact details, any prepaid reservations and anything else that you feel necessary.
  6. Visit your local doctor to see if you are up to date on all your vaccinations for your destination.
  7. Bills and mail, have you prepaid all your bill in advance and redirected your mail? If not, do you need to? This is often something that is overlooked but can be very important so not to cause any issues when you get back home. The first thing you deal with when you get home is not that the power company has cut you off, so be prepared and look into your options before you go!
  8. Book your first nights’ accommodation at your destination, you don’t want to get to your destination and find out that everywhere is booked out. Not a good thing to deal with when you’re jet-lagged!
  9. Charge your electronics, nothing worse than a long flight or stop-over and no entertainment to get you through!
  10. Book your flight and go!

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